Let's Heal Your Throat Chakra by Letitia Richards is a guide for those who are ready to:


  • Improve your communication skills on all levels
  • Connect with your creativity
  • Heal your mouth & throat issues


In this 55+ page ebook you’ll receive:


  • Mind, Body, Soul Journal Prompts
  • Throat Chakra Herbal Tea & Smoothie Recipes
  • Affirmations & More!



Let's figure out what's holding you back:


  • Could it be old stories you tell yourself?
  • Childhood traumas that are unhealed?
  • Anxiety?
  • Lack of Confidence?


You'll Find:

  • Tips for better communication
  • New meditation methods
  • Tools for better listening skills
  • Natural remedies for thyroid & oral health
  • Reflection & journal prompts
  • 15 Throat Chakra affirmations
  • A Simple 30 day throat chakra challenge & MORE!


*This is a digital product. 

Let's Heal Your Throat Chakra Ebook


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