4 Healthy Holiday Tips

As the holidays are approaching the first thing on everyone’s mind is food, of course. We tend to use the holidays as an excuse for overeating and binge eating. And we don’t care because our new years resolution of weight loss is right around the corner. Don’t let the holidays be your excuse for overeating! Read my tips on healthy eating during the holidays:

1.YOUR EYES ARE USUALLY BIGGER THAN YOUR BELLY—Yes there are five mouth watering meats, twelve delectable sides, and fifteen amazing desserts but that does not mean you have to try them all. Try two of each and stop being greedy! Wrap others you have not tried and take them home with you, that way you wont feel you are missing out on anything.

2. SKIP THE ALCOHOL AND THE SODA, YES EVEN THE DIET SODA—If healthy eating and weight loss is what you want skip the empty calories that are in alcohol and soda. One 12 ounce soda has 155 calories and mixed drinks have between 100-400 calories. Have a nice refreshing glass of water with lemon or a homemade fruit punch.

3. STOP EATING BEFORE YOU FEEL FULL—Don’t wait until you have to unbutton those jeans, we’ve all done it. When you think you are almost full step away from the plate. Also when eating put down your fork in between bites so your not stuffing your mouth with food. The only thing that should be stuffed is the turkey!

4. COOK SOME HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVES—-the easiest way to eat healthier is to have healthy food around you. Cook a vegetable you ordinarily would not cook; add agave nectar and olive oil to those candied yams instead of white sugar and butter; leave the bacon out of those string beans. See the recipes I have listed below.

And let us not forget what the holidays are really about, spending quality time with our family and friends. Stay positive, happy and healthy!!!

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