7-Easy Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Sometimes people think eating healthy is too good to be true. I hear the excuses all the time “What’s the point, I’m going to die anyway” or “I don’t have the time and money to eat healthy” or “That lifestyle isn’t for me”. Starting a healthy journey can definitely be intimidating at first but if you establish goals, remain consistent, and have a positive attitude it will be easier than you ever imagined. Below I’ve listed 7 easy tips to get you going on your healthy journey:

1. DON’T SKIP MEALS-skipping meals can cause binge eating, cravings and an unruly metabolism. Carry healthy snacks and meal prep so you are prepared

2. READ FOOD LABELS-when buying packaged, processed foods pay attention to the ingredient list and the nutrient content; buy items with words you can pronounce and a short ingredient list

3. COOK-skip the restaurants! When cooking you have complete control over the ingredients in your dishes and you can also get the family involved

4. SHOP THE PERIMETER-when grocery shopping stay away from the middle aisles which usually contain processed foods; shop in the fresh produce section for the majority of your items

5. SAY NO TO DIETS-some diets may help you lose weight but the restrictions will likely cause cravings, binge eating which leads to weight gain; instead look to make lifelong lifestyle changes. Get healthy for life not just for summer or a vacation.

6. FIND A SUPPORT SYSTEM-hire a health coach (shameless plug lol peaceoffood@gmail.com), find a meet up group or seek out the support of friends and family to support you on your wellness journey

7. THINK POSITIVE-set realistic goals that will keep you going, make a wellness vision board, keep a food journal, reward yourself when you reach your goals…you can do it!!

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