5-Essential Foods for Your Vegan Kitchen

Being a vegan can be a challenge especially if you're just starting out.  What do you purchase at the grocery store, what produce should you buy?  Here's a short list of essential vegan items for your kitchen so your plant-based journey will be a piece of cake:

1. Nutritional Yeast- a deactivated yeast that adds nutty, cheesy flavor to your vegan dish. Sprinkle this staple on pasta, veggies or salads. Nutritional yeast contains minerals, fiber and protein 

2. Frozen Fruit & Veggies- head over to the frozen section of the market and grab some bags of frozen fruits and veggies. 9 times out of 10 they are on sale and they are still packed with lots of nutrients!! They are great to have on deck for smoothies and because the veggies are pre chopped, which saves you a lot of time when cooking

3. Nuts & Nut Butters- these jewels are packed with protein. Toss some roasted almonds in your salad and throw some almond butter in your smoothie

4. Canned Beans- my favorite are garbanzo beans! Canned beans are another fast and convenient thing to have in your kitchen. Use them in vegan tacos or some delicious rice and beans. Try to buy them organic and in bpa free cans

5. Quinoa- another favorite of mine. This grain is jam packed with protein, cooks in 15 minutes and can be used in sweet or savory dishes!

Share this post and leave a comment with your favorite vegan staple!!! 

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