8-Natural Ways to Conquer Pimples

You wake up refreshed, head to the bathroom to get your day started, look in the mirror and staring back at you is the pimple from hell. What are you going to do?!?!? Cancel all of your plans, crawl back in bed and hide from the world. That would be ideal but 9 times out of 10 you have a planner full of things that need to happen today. In this article I want to share with you my 8 favorite ways to get rid of god awful pimples and some tips on how to prevent them from ever popping up on your perfect face!

Tea Tree Oil- this essential oil is essential (no pun intended) to have in your medicine cabinet. It’s a natural antibiotic and antiseptic. Rub it on your pimple and it will dry it out and your pimple will disappear in a day or two.

Burt’s Bees Stick-this awesome pimple zapper contains 10 herbal ingredients, including lemon oil, willow bark, and eucalyptus oil. It convinienly comes in a roll on stick and fits easily into your makeup bag.

Black Soap- this natural soap is amazing! It has antibacterial properties that help treat breakouts. It also helps with discoloration and dark spots, it does not contain any harsh chemicals.

Shea Butter-This natural moisturizer is jam packed with vitamins and is anti-inflammatory. It heals your skin and helps minimize breakouts.

Water- this is obvious but most people walk around dehydrated and don’t even know it. You want to drink as much water as possible to keep your body and your skin hydrated. Hydrated skin is less likely to break out and will have you out here glowing, you wont even need a highlighter!

Makeup Off-make sure you are washing your face every night before bed. Make-up, dirt and other toxins need to be rinsed off everyday!

Let Your Pores Breathe-let your face have some off days. Go bare faced, leave the makeup alone for a couple days a week to let your skin breathe.

Tie Your Hair Up- Tie your hair back and keep it off your face. Sometimes the natural oils or the hair products irritate your sensitive face skin. Tie your hair back, braid it up a few times a week to keep your skin on point!

Bonus Tip!!!-Eat your fruits and veggies. Fruits and veggies contain vitamins, mineral and antioxidants that will keep not only your insides healthy but will shine on the outside as well.

Its not always easy to have a skin regiment everyday but if you put some of these practices into use it will help you greatly when you get an unwanted breakout.

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