Create a Kickass Vegan Meal Plan

Meal Planning seems cool but who has time for that?!? If you are like most new vegans you struggle with figuring out what to cook in this new lifestyle. 21 meals to figure out, not to mention snacks....who the hell has time to plan this out?!?

You may get frustrated and resort to cooking the same boring meals over and over, eating out all of the time & wasting your hard earned money or even worse abandoning your new found healthy lifestyle and eating meat again. Booo!!! You don't want that!!

A vegan lifestyle is just as easy as a standard american diet, in fact it's easier, more rewarding and helps you be the creative powerhouse you were meant to be!

So are you excited that you are going to be the Queen/King of meal planning?!?

Now how do you do it?

Here are 5 easy ways to create your kickass vegan meal plan:

  • Set aside 1-3 hours/week, let's say on a Sunday from 1p-3p, to get your meal planning on!--Research what you want to make/eat, make a shopping list, go food shopping, then get in the kitchen and cook.

  • Make a thorough shopping list and stick to it.--Make a list for items that you need. When shopping only purchase what's on your list and this will help you stick to your plan and budget.

  • Purchase some Tupperware.--Find containers that are affordable, cute and environmentally safe!

  • Experiment with different recipes from online or from a cookbook.--Get creative and have fun. Don't make the same meals over and over.

  • Make a meal plan for Monday through Friday and "treat yourself" on the weekends! --This means that instead of planning 21 meals you're only planning 15.

Example Meal Plan:

Monday--Smoothie, Tempeh Sandwich, Salad

Tuesday--Oatmeal, Rice Bowl, Pasta

Wednesday--Smoothie, Tempeh Sandwich, Rice Bowl

Thursday--Oatmeal, Salad, Pasta

Friday--Smoothie, Rice Bowl, Tempeh Sandwich

Shopping List: frozen fruit, almond milk, tempeh, bread, vegan mayo, lettuce, tomato, spring mix, salad dressing, cucumbers, carrots, oatmeal, almonds, rice, broccoli, mushrooms, pasta, marinara sauce

Bonus Tip: Some of these items can be used in multiple meals. You can add tempeh to your salad, mushrooms to your marinara sauce and salad, the bread can be used for toast for another breakfast!!

Now that you are equipped to make a kickass meal plan share your experience with meal planning by commenting!!

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