5 Ways to Practice Self-Care

Do you find it hard to make time for yourself? Do you feel guilty if you have some "me time"? Self-care has been all the rage lately and it’s something that is highly overlooked!!

The problem is in this fast-paced society you neglect yourself because you’re either too busy taking care of others or you just feel like there's not enough time to schedule in any self-care. You have to remember that you CAN NOT pour from an empty cup!! If you continue on the path of not caring for SELF it could lead to constant stress, low energy and even depression.

Let's discuss 5 ways that you can get out of this mindset:

  1. Plan out self-care sessions into your life even if it’s just for 15 minutes per day.

  2. Find things that YOU really deem as self-care, not what society tells you to do. Self-care doesn’t have to mean getting your nails done or taking a bubble bath if you do not enjoy those things

  3. Read a good book or magazine and find a quiet corner to read. If reading is not your thing download an audio-book and enjoy!!

  4. Get creative - write, draw, color or paint... Get your creative juices flowing with something that is fun for you.

  5. Do nothing - sit with your thoughts and JUST BE!! You’re always on the go why not take some time to be still, quiet & just relax. This could mean meditating or just staring out of the window. Recharge, refresh and re-energize!!

What is one of your favorite things to do to practice self-care?!? SHARE!!

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