What is the Difference Between Organic, Natural & GMO

Now that you are embarking on a healthy lifestyle navigating through all of the "health foods" can be a challenge. You don't know what is what, do you buy organic, GMO or do you just give up and go back to your old unhealthy eating habits?!?!? Why does eating healthy have to be so complicated?!?!?

It can be confusing with all the trends that are out there. But don't give up just yet!! I am here to help guide you on your wellness journey!

Here are a few terms that will help you when you are deciding what to put in your shopping cart:

Organic--- These fruits and vegetables are usually grown without man-made pesticides and fertilizers. However standards can be different around the world. Organic farmers also strive to conserve biodiversity and promote ecological balance. GMO products are normally prohibited in organic farming as well. When referring to organic meat this means that the animals were not given antibiotics or growth hormones.

Natural--- In recent years the term "natural" has been somewhat regulated by the FDA. Some companies use this marketing term to entice people into buying their product and believing that the food item is a health food. Natural means that the food product does not contain artificial or synthetic ingredients. On the other hand, this regulation does not cover pesticide use or manufacturing methods.

GMO---Genetically Modified Organisms are any plant or animal whose genetics have been tampered with or altered in a lab. This can mean combining genes from 2 different species. Some foods that are highly GMO are canola, soy and corn. GMOs are sometimes made to increase shelf life and grow more food. GMO foods can lead to allergies and food intolerance.

Be mindful when you are food shopping! Read food labels and ask questions if possible.

Thank you for reading! Share and comment!

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